Galactic fast food worker DJ has his world turned upside down when a normal mission takes an unexpected turn, forcing him to live amongst us humans and conceal his alien identity. With the help of two would-be exposers turned friends, DJ soon finds that Earth is nowhere near as backward or primitive as he thinks, uncovering a bizarre world of government conspiracies, rival alien races, and most frightening of all…romance!

DJ Gray updates on Fridays. Episode 1 was originally posted on 08/30/2019 on Tumblr.

About the Author

Jared Plink is an Indo-Carribean/Dutch professional illustrator, character designer, and comic artist. His other work includes official artwork for SEGA, Panda Global, G Fuel, and Advanced Nutrients. He is also me.



Shayla Torres – Misc. Character design, Fashion design
Crudenerd – Voice of DJ
Arista Michelle – Voice of Betty
Jessica Elaine Jacobs – Voice of Gill
Genevieve B Steele – Voice of Nanna
Elvis Delaney – Back cover blurb writer
Avengedog – Guest comic artist
EdHerny – Guest comic artist
Mogy64 – Guest comic artist
Suprdee – Guest comic artist
Ennuikal – Guest comic artist
Gobolatula – Guest comic artist
Gatodelfuturo – Guest comic artist


Will DJ Gray be released as a book?

DJ Gray Volume 1 is available for purchase at, Amazon and most other online retailers.

What is the best way to support you?

Buying the book directly from Bookbaby helps me a lot. Otherwise, supporting me on Patreon or simply donating goes a long way. I hardly make a profit off this and rely almost entirely on fan support to keep the website running, so it’s very much appreciated.

Will DJ Gray ever be released in color?

Maybe someday if I can hire a colorist, but not anytime soon. Only bonus pages will be in color.

Have you ever thought about pitching DJ Gray as an animated series?

I want to pitch one someday, but DJ Gray specifically would be a difficult pitch. I’d do it if given the opportunity.

Will there be more animated videos like the trailer?

Yes and no. I have a certain DJ Gray video project that I’ve been working on, but only some of it will be animated.

What are the inspirations behind DJ Gray?

Romcom manga and Alien/Cryptid folklore/conspiracies. Works by Akira Toriyama, Eiichiro Oda, ONE, Jim Henson, Craig McCracken, and Lauren Faust are also big inspirations.

How do you get your linework so clean?

High stabilizer and standard pen tool.

What programs do you use?

I alternate between PaintTool SAI Ver.2 and Clip Studio Paint.

Are you okay with NSFW fan art?

You can draw my characters doing anything you want. I just can’t share any overtly NSFW stuff.

Are you taking commissions?

Usually, yes. Check my commission page for more info.

Where does DJ Gray take place?

New Town City, Countryland.

How long will DJ Gray be?

The current plan is 13 episodes.