For Darmotakajolapromagh (call him DJ!), intergalactic travel has never been more of a drag. As an employee of the universe’s largest fast food chain, he spends his days traveling back and forth between his world and Earth, harvesting our planet’s most precious resource…cows.

The gray alien’s life is changed forever when a normal mission takes an unexpected turn, forcing him to live amongst us humans and conceal his alien identity. With the help of two would-be exposers turned friends, DJ soon finds that Earth is nowhere near as backward or primitive as he thinks, uncovering a bizarre world of government conspiracies, rival alien races, and most frightening of all…romance!

Comic originally started on 08/30/2019

Updates Fridays.

You can also read DJ Gray on: Webtoon, Tapas, Twitter, & Newgrounds


From left to right:

DJ, Betty, Gill, Nanna, Felis, Inka, President Rex


Will DJ Gray be released as a book?

I am currently looking into options to make this happen.

Can you crowdfund the book?

I’ve made it a goal on my donation page, but I’m probably going to make a proper announcment/campaign eventually, when I have the time and resources.

Will DJ Gray ever be released in color?

Maybe someday if I can hire a colorist, but not anytime soon. Only bonus pages will be in color.

What are the inspirations behind DJ Gray?

Akira Toriyama, Eiichiro Oda, ONE, Romcom manga, Alien & Cryptid folklore/conspiracies.

How do you get your linework so clean?


What programs do you use?

I alternate between SAI2 and Clip Studio Paint.

You are so funny and attractive please date me.

Not a question but okay.