Galactic fast food worker DJ has his world turned upside down when a normal mission takes an unexpected turn, forcing him to live amongst us humans and conceal his alien identity. With the help of two would-be exposers turned friends, DJ soon finds that Earth is nowhere near as backward or primitive as he thinks, uncovering a bizarre world of government conspiracies, rival alien races, and most frightening of all…romance!



Will DJ Gray be released as a book?

I am currently looking into options to make this happen.

Can you crowdfund the book?

I’ve made it a goal on my donation page, but I’m probably going to make a proper announcment/campaign eventually, when I have the time and resources.

Will DJ Gray ever be released in color?

Maybe someday if I can hire a colorist, but not anytime soon. Only bonus pages will be in color.

What are the inspirations behind DJ Gray?

Akira Toriyama, Eiichiro Oda, ONE, Romcom manga, Alien & Cryptid folklore/conspiracies.

How do you get your linework so clean?


What programs do you use?

I alternate between SAI2 and Clip Studio Paint.

You are so funny and attractive please date me.

Not a question but okay.

Updates Fridays

Comic originally started on 08/30/2019