I’m Jared Plink, an Indo-Carribean/Dutch professional illustrator, character designer, and comic artist currently living in Florida. While living in Belgium I studied animation at The Academy of Fine Arts and interned at graphic design bureau Karakters. I’ve done commission work for SEGA, Panda Global, G Fuel, Cliax Games, and Advanced Nutrients. I also make my own original projects including DJ Gray, a romantic comedy/sci-fi indie comic about an alien who falls in love with a human woman that he accidentally abducts.

Contact: jpsuppermail@gmail.com


Various artwork commissioned by SEGA for their social media, often celebrating a game’s release or anniversary. I worked together with Sonic Team and industry legends such as Kazuyuki Hoshino and Rieko Kodama to get the look of the characters right.

Panda Global

“Grandpan” character design I did for e-sports organization Panda Global.

G Fuel

A G Fuel shaker cup I designed for a cross promotion with SomeOrdinaryGamers aka Mutahar Anas.

Cliax Games

Artwork commissioned by indie video game developer Cliax Games for their social media. Will be providing artwork for an upcoming title as well.

Advanced Nutrients

Was commissioned by Advanced Nutrients to design characters and assets for a brand pitch.

Flemish School Chess Championship

A shirt I designed for the 2017 Flemish School Chess Championship while interning at Karakters.

DJ Gray

Select pages from my indie comic DJ Gray.


Stop-motion short made at The Academy of Fine Arts
Promo for my comic DJ Gray